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Divinely Inspired You

A 90­-day deep dive into your soul, your gifts and the divine work you’re meant to do in the world.

You’re in the right place.

  • Are you looking for greater clarity and purpose in life?

  • Do you feel stuck in a situation (work or love) and unsure how to move forward?

  • Would you love a greater connection to your intuition, a higher power, or something bigger than yourself?

  • Do you long to connect with a family member or friend who has passed away?

  • Is there a chronic health issue that is getting in the way of you fully enjoying your life that modern medicine can’t seem to cure?

Part intuitive coach, part energy healer, I help you tune into what’s most important and gain the clarity you’ve been craving ­­so you can enjoy more peace, productivity, energy and joy than you’ve felt in a long time. I do this work because I know what it’s

like to feel unsupported, stuck, and alone...

and I know there’s another way.


My “rock bottom” began during my pregnancy

­­where everything that could have gone wrong

did. I was very ill and on bedrest virtually the

entire time and my daughter, who was

delivered 6 weeks early, had to be in the

NICU for 2 weeks.


I was scared and feeling disconnected from everyone and everything after such a scary experience.
I knew I needed to do something so I signed up for an intuitive development class led by my friend and mentor, Celeste Woods, and began attending her weekly development circles after the class was complete.


Working with an intuitive mentor and being in community with like-minded women was like taking
a breath of fresh air. For the first
time, I experienced a level of support, direction and community that
I never before knew was possible.

In this 90-Day package, I will help you to have a similar transformation and reconnection with your higher self.

Divinely Inspired You includes...

  • Bi­weekly 60 minute intuitive coaching + energy healing sessions with me

  • Unlimited text + email support between calls

  • Customized healing recommendations channeled directly from your spiritual support team
    (including crystals, meditations, dietary recommendations and more).


The investment for Divinely Inspired You is $900


If you’re interested in a single intuitive session I offer 45-­minute sessions for $75.


Interested in exploring whether working together is a good fit?  I invite you to book a complimentary clarity call with me!

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