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“I was a bit nervous before my first session with Angela (I hadn’t had much experience working with intuitives up until that point) but all I can say is WOW. As soon as we began talking I relaxed (which is big for me). She has this calm, positive and knowing energy that is equal parts soothing and powerful. I felt VERY safe the entire time and left our session feeling more reassured and comforted than I have in a while. She was very welcoming of who I was and respectful of what I was going through which meant so much to me, and her insights and the cards she pulled were nothing short of magical. I can’t recommend working with Angela enough!"

Flavia Bianchi

“When I first began working with Angela I was in a major growth phase of my life and real estate business. I desired greater clarity around my offerings and confirmation that I was on the right track. In our session I received key information that helped me re-imagine how I work with clients--that my job is not just to sell houses but to provide clarity and coaching throughout the home-buying process. This insight was a game changer. It helped me improve client satisfaction and made my work even more fulfilling. As a result, I see endless potential for new business and a strong way to differentiate myself from others in my industry”

Arynne Crane, Realtor

"Angela is one of the most powerful intuitives I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with many. She has a gentle, sweet, and kind spirit that automatically raises you up from wherever you are in life. Her readings are dead-on and her sensitivity is unparalleled. Angela draws on a wide range of life experiences that add amazing dimension to her intuition. I have referred many of my friends to her (who go back to her again and again) and feel honored to have her in my life."

"I have worked with Angela Travers for over
a year now. I have seen her grow and develop
in so many ways, AND she has been a beacon
of light in my life. Her intuitive sessions are
honest, straightforward, loving and powerful. She has given me guidance around business, leadership, romance and so many more areas. When my youngest brother passed away, she was there for me the entire time -- giving me powerful intuitive guidance, compassion and most of all understanding. When you lose someone you love, one of the most comforting things can be talking to an intuitive who's super in touch with their gifts. That was my experience with Angela...and because of that I cannot recommend her more."

Jessica Brodkin, Healer and Comedian

Katie DePaola,CEO Inner Glow Circle

"Angela is one of the most powerful intuitives I’ve ever worked with..."

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